Laminated Starphire Glass

STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is a special low-iron, low-lead glass formula providing new dimensions in glass clarity and brilliance, unlike any commercial-grade glazing project can provide.

STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is easily fabricated to any design specifications making it the perfect choice for any glass project or design.

At Bear Glass we do custom laminated starphire glass . As laminated glass is thicker than normal glass, a starphire glass when laminated gives more clarity than laminated annealed glass.

starphire laminated glass

Benifits of STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Laminated Glass

  • When laminated for security glazing applications, the high transmittance of PPG STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass provides an unmatched combination of security and visibility
  • Its incredible clarity and sparkling edge make it perfect for architectural use
  • STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is an ultra clear glass designed for a wide variety of commercial applications, both interior and exterior. It maintains its remarkable clarity in any thickness.

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Applications of STARPHIRE® Products
laminated starphire ultraclear mirror

Besides Laminated Glass We Sale All Type
Of Glass And Mirror, And We Install Too.

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